Friday, February 03, 2006

Corey Maye Petition

A few months ago, I mentioned the case of Corey Maye, as a counterpoint to those who inexplicably were chanting "Free Tookie". If you recall, Mr. Maye is on death row for shooting a police officer who broke into Maye's house while 'serving' a warrant by way of nocturnal, forceful entry. Where the target of the warrant lived next door to Maye.

Anyway, The Agitator has been the best source for news on the case, and his latest piece contains some truly unbelievable (as in literally hard to believe) testimony from the state's medical 'expert' which was used to prove that Maye was not acting in self defense. This is the same 'expert' who was later rebuked by an appellate court for presenting, shall we say, fanciful theories during an unrelated trial.

Other interesting developments include the fact that the Public Defender who is handling the appeal has been fired...for handling the appeal.

Info on contributing to a defense fund is here. Relatedly, via Battlepanda, there is a peitition circulating, calling for reconsideration of the case and or gubernatorial pardon.

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