Thursday, February 23, 2006


George Will knots bow too tightly, cuts off circulation to brain. This week's blogospheric Rorschach Test of a column ensues.

Update 2/24: One of Ezra's commenters weighs in thusly:
My kids are much happier than I am: I have to run around six hours a day cleaning up their fucking messes, while all they have to do is make them.

Do we see another Democratic/Republican parallel here, George Will?
Zing! (Did I really just type "Zing" and add the "!"? You're damn right I did. Deal.)


Ahistoricality said...

Yawn. Another retread of "liberal rage"; this time with pseudo-science....

He probably did write it in his sleep.

Pooh said...

It's not just that. The column doesn't even cohere to any sort of internal logic. The title of the piece should have been "This Week in Non-Sequitors".

reader_iam said...

A silly column, and you're right, Pooh, about the internal logic problem.

That said, he does make one or two good points amidst the mush.

reader_iam said...

And the cited comment is pretty much just as silly and one-dimensional as Will's columns.


And Yawn.

Pastor_Jeff said...

Well, I "put not my trust in princes" and I'm happy. Yea, verily!

I agree with Reader that Will makes a few good points, but it's more like a study in how not to write an article or make an argument.

Pooh said...

And the cited comment is pretty much just as silly and one-dimensional as Will's columns.

I took that as the point of the comment - "I too can draw broad and non-sensical conclusions from isolated pieces of data."

Unfortuntately, I do it for the love of the game while George Will get's paid for it.

Ahistoricality said...

Actually, I had a very similar thought to the quoted response when I reread the column in my paper this morning: liberals are unhappy (perhaps, "realistic" would be a better term) because they're trying to solve problems; conservatives are happy (in denial, more like) because they think problems solve themselves, in spite of centuries of evidence to the contrary.

I'm starting to fall into that Rorshach pattern...