Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pooh's V-Day Blues

In honor of my least favorite day of the year, every year, I give you Broken-Heart Blues Tuesday.
  1. "Love in Vain" - Robert Johnson. The Stones have a great version on "Stripped", but the original is still the best.

  2. "Red House" - Jimi. "Goin' back over yonder, to the house where my baby stays/ you know I ain't seen my baby in 99 and 1/2 days."

  3. "Motherless Child" - Blind Boys of Alabama. These guys are absolutely amazing.

  4. "How Long Blues" - LeRoy Carr.

  5. "The Sky Is Crying" - Elmore James. With "Stormy Monday", the blues club slow dancing songs.

  6. "The Thrill is Gone" - B.B. King. Only because I already used "How Blue Can You Get?" in a previous list.

  7. "Bye Bye Blackbird" - Joe Cocker. I'm not sure it's really a 'blues' song, but anything Cocker sings becomes at least bluesy.

  8. "Long Gone Lonesome Blue" - Hank Williams (the First). "I went down in the river three times/ but lord I'm only coming up twice/ She's long gone and I'm lonesome blue"

  9. "So Far Away" - Dire Straights. Isn't this the first song on every long-distance relationship mix-tape ever?

  10. "Time is On My Side" - The Rolling Stones. I would have said "Beast of Burden", but that seems a slightly less desperate song than the 'I can't believe you broke up with me. You'll be sorry someday' vibe of this one.

Update: XWL also has at list. Upon which I cannot comment since I recognize maybe three songs and own one. I am not worthy.


reader_iam said...

Been there ...

Done that ...

Eventually found him, when not looking and when least expected. Natch.

Never put a whole lot of store in V.D., myself, so I get where you're coming from.

Great choices, btw.

XWL said...

Better late then never, now that the day is just about done, I did up a semi-love song list (heavy on the 80s British New Wave).

I can't help myself with the lists thing sometimes.

Here's my luuuuurrrrrv song list.

Yours is a good one.

Did I mention that my Grandfather's cousin is a very famous bluesman?

(never met him, or my grandfather (he died before I was born, almost went to see the bluesman live years ago, he's gone now too))

reader_iam said...

XWL: Assuming they were first cousins, that'd make you his first cousin twice-removed.


Blood Tells.