Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"Now I Really Hate Him"

Thanks Doc

Regular readers might realise that I love Duke basketball, and I'm proud of it. They must also recognize that this love is not blind. I hated WoJo, I hated Chris Collins, and I hated, hated, hated Jeff Capel. Greg Paulus is doing his darnedest to get added to that group. Aside from sucking for the last 3 weeks, his choice of role models leaves a great deal to be desired:
At a team meeting Sunday at the coach's house, Krzyzewski introduced Paulus to Alex Rodriguez for a quick talk on leading a team with other stars. It seemed to have sunk in by Tuesday night.
To blatantly steal a line, there's comedy, high comedy, and Slappy McBluelips 'teaching' someone about leadership. With these 'lessons' in mind, I fully expect Paulus to go on Kobe-like binges when the team is up 25 vs. Podunk State Teacher's College and to disappear like Nicole Richie's arms in games that actually matter. (Like last night, for example.) Of course, his grooming will be impeccable at all times. Which is nice.

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