Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dude, Not OK.

Drug smuggling puppies? Not O.K. As Kyle from South Park would say. "Dude, that's pretty f****d up right there." (To which the response would be "Screw you, Hippie!" from Cartman)
Ten wayward pups were found during a raid on a Colombian farm in 2005, and six of them were carrying more than 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) of liquid heroin in their stomachs, said DEA spokesman Rusty Payne.Did you see what happened when they killed the President's friend in Clear and Present Danger? The gloves come off, way off when you mess with our dogs, carbones.


mortnut said...

Of course, this might explain some of Sadie's behaviors (may she be resting in peace in which every universe she preferred)

reader_iam said...

This story was sufficiently upsetting, I couldn't bring myself to blog it.

Sick b*******.

I hate the fact that people like this exist.

Frankie said...

Say hello to my little 4 legged friend?

Ugh. Poor pups. Look, if some idiot wants to be a drug mule and swallow a million dollars worth of balled up Trojan's, that's one thing. They made the decision themselves. But to use innocent animals like that? It turns my stomach.

On that note, and in reference to your Oscar posting, did you see Maria Full of Grace?

Pooh said...

Say hello to my little 4 legged friend?


No, I have not seen it, though I have meant to.

XWL said...

Somehow I think this fella is connected to this somehow.

And for happier puppy news, Animal Planet is doing Puppy Bowl II Sunday.

Plus, it's going to have an added halftime show featuring young pussies (doesn't say if they'll be shaved or unshaved though).

I like this halftime show idea better than the real one.

VW: Rswozgza - - - I'm pretty sure I knew someone from Chicago with that last name.