Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm Outraged by the Outrage

I haven't said anything here about Cartoon-Gate '06, and I don't think I will beyond pointing to this bit expressing, in a perfectly fair and balanced (and perhaps Fair and Balanced, as well) fashion the perfect serving of meta/double/faux/reverse outrage at all the outrage.


reader_iam said...

Regarding the link: Too clever by half. Not very useful, either, and a number of the prominent, or at least most prolific, commenters are more interested in being argumentative than in engaging in argumentation, which it's clear they are capable of doing, if they'd want to bother.

Concentric C.J.'s--for more educated speakers, perhaps--but Concentric C.J.' nonetheless, and never shall they overlap. And willfully.

No offense, Pooh--but ICK.

reader_iam said...

In thinking it over, it's not so much the post to which I'm reacting, but the comments.

I really disliked the snide "little commenter," or whatever, meme. There did seem to be quite a bit of disdain for the concept of understanding others' points of view.