Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tales of the Tyge

Hypothesis: A bouvier, let's say a specific bouvier named Tyge, will experience side effects from snarfing an entire stick of butter.


  1. Said bouvier will sneak one stick of butter off of the counter and furtively gobble up the whole thing, including the wrapper.
  2. Experiment will be held on a Monday evening - just before bedtime.
  3. Experiment monitor, let's say that would be the slat rat, will monitor said bouvier for adverse side effects. Note: Experiment monitor will not be notified of experiment in advance. Monitor most likely will not be pleased by experiment.
  4. Said bouvier could experience following adverse side effects: restlessness, sleeplessness, multiple occurrences of jet propelled diarrahea.

Results: Much to the surprise of the experiment monitor, the subject experienced absolutely no side effects. The subject strongly feels that the experiment should be repeated - perhaps several times. The experiment monitor has vetoed that idea.


reader_iam said...

Did you choose a picture of Tyge's backside on purpose, or was that unconscious?

Frankie said...

The same thing happened to me when I ate a stick of butter...