Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Another Port Irony

Dan Drezner has an interesting post regarding Portgate. Money bit, after discussing how the oversight process worked:
If you're a true-blue liberal, you should be perfectly delighted with this outcome. The Bushies did not have a high profile, there was no stovepiping from neoconservatives, and the interagency process seemed to work pretty well. This is, in other words, an exemple of how good government is supposed to operate.

Of course, if you're a red-meat conservative, this is just awful. Unelected bureaucrats and low-level flunkies ran the show. The Commander-in-Chief was out of the loop. Bureaucrats were telling politics what to do, rather than vice versa. This is exactly the kind of thing the Bush administration was not supposed to let happen.

If his premises are right, that is interesting. And yet another way up is down when it comes to this story.

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