Monday, February 06, 2006

StacheBlog: Jobbed Worse Than the Seahawks.

Well, I guess the Pac-NW was due some referee love after SuperNap XL. So they gave a regular seasons West Coast Conference game to the 'Zags. Seems fair. Top 5 ludicrous calls.

5. The 'Stache Not Getting a Technical for Yelling at the refs. He bitched enough I could make this one 6-10 as well.

4. The 'Stache not getting T'ed up for slamming the ball in the refs face.

3. The 'Stache not fouling out dunking on a guy taking a charge with a minute left.

2. The hometown scorekeeper ...forgetting to start the clock on the Zags last possesion.

1. After getting at least 2 seconds to get a shot off with .5 seconds left and the game tied, the trail ref called a phantom foul from central Idaho.

But hey, a win's a win, right?

In seriousness, this game is why Gonzaga will lose in the second or third round - they'll play a crappy, overtly physical team from say the Big East or the Big ElevenTen, who will play Riley-era Knick ThugBall. Morrison will get pushed around, whine, shoot 6-20 and they'll lose by 15. Which will cause approximately 1/3 of the population to promise to never pick them to do anything again because they are now behind the 63 year-old mail room lady whose picks are a mixture of favorite colors and Mascot "Queien es mas macho" in the Office Pool of Questionable Legality.

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mortnut said...

You do of course recall the talking head from ESPN who was out picked during the NCAA tournament pool by his ancient, non-basketball fan mom, who claimed that her favorite was "Ole (pronounced O-Lay) Miss"!!!!!