Saturday, February 04, 2006


Why does it always seem that I update my template and do this and that when blogger is having issues? Have to do it again, I s'pose...


reader_iam said...

Hi, Pooh. I'll also comment on the requested thread.

reader_iam said...

So while away I sort of decide which fork to take regarding the blog (I think you know what I'm referring to), and now this.

I still think I'm going to go away from Blogger, but there are a lot of implications.

Essentially, it's starting over, and I've worked pretty hard the last few months. If I go ahead with this, would you be my first linker again, pretty please? Since I assume I'll have to go back to ground zero (that's lower than insignificant microbe).

; )

XWL said...

Pooh, are you sure that your attempt at fiddling with your template wasn't the cause for the blogger outtage?

(you've got some major mojo apparently)