Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Belated NBA All-Star thought(s)

First of all, this guy is undoubtedly right, Skip Bayless is the haterist hater who ever hated. He argued with a straight face that LeBron's All-Star MVP was the result of the "vast Nike conspiracy" in the NBA. Qua?

Yeah, yeah, yeah Igoudala had the best dunk, but he brought out the big guns way too soon, and didn't have enough left for the finals And Lil' Nate's scaling of Mount Spud is unquestionably the best poster. For the record, I think my "NBA Jam" custom midget character was a better dunker than Nate Robinson. But this is still nasty:

And that leads me, indirectly, into my suggestion for the easiest way to make the NBA All-Star Saturday experience more fan-friendly for the viewer at home - we need a simulcast of the reaction shots of the other players sitting courtside. Ray Allen hits 13 straight treys? We need a slow-mo of Kevin Garnett saying "damn. Damn. DAMN. DAYYYYMN" as each one goes through. And more importantly, the best part of the dunk contest is the goofy responses courtside. Remember after Vinsanity's reverse 360-windmill in 2000, the look on Shaq's face as he stood up holding a camcorder? More of that. According to Simmons, a near riot broke out when Igoudala managed to avoid decapitatitng himself. Would it have killed them to have a camera on Mark Madsen in case he started busting a move?

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