Friday, May 12, 2006


The upcoming third season of HBO's "Deadwood" might mark the end of the dark Western.

The pay cable network has opted not to pick up the options of the actors on the show, releasing them to pursue other projects.

"Deadwood" creator David Milch is shifting his attention to "John From Cincinnati," a one-hour project he is writing for HBO. The surfing-themed drama has been ordered as a pilot, subject to finalizing deals on the financial and talent side.
Wait, the NYPD Blue and Deadwood guy is doing a surfing show? Will there be singing? Or does he leave the all of the Stupidest Ideas In TV History to his former colleague Steven Bochco?

As to this
HBO sources said there are conversations about the future of "Deadwood" beyond the third season, which premieres June 11. But with the actors moving on to other commitments, it is highly unlikely that all the main cast members would be available to do additional episodes in the future.
How about don't bother?

(via Jim Henley who is probably correct in saying "Truth be told, if Deadwood Season III is great and the show goes out on a high note instead of dragging on for three seasons past its prime, that would be an achievement we should grudgingly appreciate.")

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Tom Strong said...

Frankly, I wish more TV producers knew when to bring a show to a close. Too many drag on and on, clearly trying to milk the money rather than build the story. "The Office" (BBC version) remains the most perfect show I've ever seen for this very reason.

I haven't seen much Deadwood, but what I have seen has been terrific. If they're ready to bring it to a close, more power to them.