Monday, May 01, 2006

Reggie Evans Has A Future

In motion pictures that is:

Los Angeles Clippers center Chris Kaman shoved Denver Nuggets forward Reggie Evans to the floor during the second period in Saturday night’s playoff game at the Pepsi Center. But Kaman believes he was justified.

Kaman said Evans grabbed him in the private parts.

"He went behind my back, went through my legs and grabbed my (private parts) and tried to pull them backwards,’’ Kaman said

Who does that, honestly?

Well, This Guy, for one:

And that seemed to work out okay for him:

Update: via Furious in comments, Mighty MJD has slightly wince inducing video.


Mr Furious said...

Fitting that he plays for the Nuggets.

Video here. and if you follow the link to YouTube, there are a couple others as well.

XWL said...

The penalty should be Chris Kaman gets one free knee shot opportunity to a cupless Reggie Evans.

Otherwise losing 4-1 to the Clippers was penalty enough

(VW: sethgyo. where seth should gyo? I don't knyow)