Friday, May 12, 2006

BMF: Off the Leash

For most of the Friday Tens, I've stuck to the music vetted to be included in my rather inclusive definition of "good shit". No more, at least for this week. For one day only - Everything Must Go!

1. "Torture" - Method Man. Sadly (or perhaps gladly) not the "Torture" interlude intro to "M.E.T.H.O.D. Man" on Enter the 36 Chambers. 7/10.

2. "Mr. Moses" - The Clancy Brothers. Because who doesn't love Judeo-Gaelic protest songs about the silliness of British occupation? 4/10.

3. "Don't Want to Fall In Love" - Jane Child. The horror. (Alternatively ClubMTV Party-2-Go Roolz!) 2/10.

4. "El Amor De Mi Vida" - Warren Zevon. This whole album is so haunting, since the whole thing happened under the cloud of Warren knowing he was dying, and soon. Strangely, it seemed that everyone around him was more emotional about it than he was. If you remember his final appearance on Letterman for example. 8/10.

5. "Everyday I Have the Blues (Live) - B.B. King. I always like B.B. less on the live stuff when he tries to get all swingy and jazzy. This is one of those tracks - it just doesn't have that blues bounce to it. 4/10.

6. "Pick Up the Pieces" - Average White Band. Best. Bumper Music. Ever. 9/10.

7. "Killafornia" - Cypress Hill. Temples of Boom, and unfortunate time for Cypress fans, a very fortunate time for local pot dealers, I'd imagine. 3/10.

8. "Malted Milk" - Clapton (Unplugged). For my money ($28 or so, since I had to purchase it twice after the first one got stolen pre-iPod) one of the better albums of the 90's. A man, a guitar and the blues still works, dudes. 8/10.

9. "I'll Be There" - Rappin' 4-Tay. Classy...9/10.

10. "Space Invaders" - The Pretenders. Nice little "Sopranos" themed instrumental outro. 6/10.

6.0 avg. Not good, but better than Willie Harris.

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