Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pistons-Heat Game 2

Flip, it's a simple game - when you guys move on O, you score. Pooh's unofficial stats - they ran some variation of a Rip Hamilton curl play 7 times in the first half, got 3 buckets (2 for rip, one for Sheed) 4 fts for Hamilton, McDyess missed a layup, and one turnover when Wallace ran away from a pass in the post. I didn't keep track, but I somehow think that whatever variation of that high pick & roll they ran with Billups (who was shooting rather poorly...) and either Wallace, their efficiency was lower. Why they ever run that play with Big Ben as the screener, I dunno.

Seriously, Miami, who had no right to be in the game had 4 looks at open threes in the 4th (2 by Williams, one by Posey and one by Wade) and if any one of them goes in, Dee-Troit is in serious neckbone territory.

'Toine, not good, but he'll keep shooting. (Obviously the other big difference from Tuesday was that the role players for the Heat sucked.

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