Wednesday, May 10, 2006


As I noted, I'm making progress on catching up on my reading (a book a week is a lot for someone who watches as much TV and movies, plays as much sports and video games, and likes to hang out as much as I do. Oh yeah, and that whole 'job' thing. And the whole 'job search' thing. Woe is me. Drat, bebother...You get the idea.)

Though a lot of the progress is invisible, since I have the stupid habit of starting a book, reading a bit, starting another, reading a bit, starting a book, etc...

To give an idea, here's the list of titles I have currently open to one extent or another (not to count the two I've finished, but haven't gotten around to posting about yet)

And then there are those just on 'top' of the pile (or en route)

Not to mention any old title that pings my interest on my next pass through B&N or Borders.

So, apparently, I've got some work to do...

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