Tuesday, May 02, 2006

PoohsDay Blues: Genuflecting at the Altar

A few weeks ago I wondered "why I ever, ever listen to anything else." Well, this week, I'm not - it's All Muddy, All the time, today.

1. "All Aboard" from "Fathers & Sons" - Muddy, being backed by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band (including Butterfield on harp, Mike Bloomfield on guitar, Sam Lay on drums and Otis Spann (!) on keyboards).

2. "I've Got My Mojo Working (live)" from "Live at Newport" - Tell me you've never had that "I got my mojo workin' but it just won't work on you" feeling.

3. "Mannish Boy (live)" from "The Gold Collection" - I think just about every hip-hop song about, as Jay-Z says "money, cash, hos" owes more than a little to this little number.

4. "I Want to Be Loved" from "Hard Again" - not my favorite song, but certainly my favorite Muddy album.

5. "Louisiana Blues" from "The Chess Box" - Young Muddy, before he had the cigarette-and-whisky soaked voice

6. "Let's Spend the Night Together" from "Electric Mud" - This album is so uneven, oscillating between the Hendrix-like "Mannish Boy" to this track, which rather unfortunately sounds like a bad Rolling Stones cover band fronted by Joe Piscopo's SNL Frank Sinatra characiture.

7. "Red Rooster (w/ Howling Wolf)" from "Muddy & The Wolf" - Perhaps my favorite two days ever were the 2 days after my voice returned from a basketball-related bruised larynx, wherein I sounded just like the Wolf. Very, very good times.

8. "Honey Bee (live)" from "Fathers and Sons" - Sailing on, my little honeybees...

9. "Good Morning Little Schoolgirld" from "The Chess Box" - Slightly stripped down and jazzier than usual, a nice change of pace.

10. "She's Into Something" from "The Chess Box" - And round it out with this little guy, which I can best describe as Blues-Calypso. Monstrously funky opening verse before dropping the Carribean for the solos.

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