Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sign of the Apocalypse

God help me, I'm really starting to warm up to the new Bizzaro-Kobe. Not only is he almost seemlessly integrating his game with players heretofore considered afterthoughts, he's now Casey Stengel and Stephen Colbert rolled into one:
Bryant was tossed by referee Leon Wood after complaining that a hard foul against Brown should have been called flagrant.

"He didn't like my toneage, if that's a word." Bryant said. "He's the decider. Is that a word, decider?"

Cucoo-Cachoo, Kobe, Cucoo-cachoo.

Update: Raja, why do you have to throw Leandro Barbosa to the wolves like this:

Bell repeated that throwing Bryant down was wrong but explained what led to the foul and made clear his dislike for the Lakers' star.

"I have no respect for him," Bell said. "I think he's a pompous, arrogant individual."

Kobe for at least 40 tommorow, guaranteed. Have you learned nothing? Kobe's slavish devotion to Jordanophilia dictates that he take the above as the dreaded Personal Slight, and punish you (or your poor hapless surrogate Barbosa, since you hauled off and got yourself suspended). Maybe you have a Wednesday tee-time that you don't want to break, huh, Raja?


Icepick said...

Okay, that's a funny quote.

Hummer said...

Dude, he's a total fake. The same guy that wore his hospital-bracelet-tag-thing in a game from when his daughter was born (cheesy)was cheating on his wife a few months later. He went from "I'm smarter than the ret of these guys" to "look at all my tattoos." To me, he's another A-Rod, a very talented fake that cares too much about his image. Only difference between the two is that Kobe may have raped someone, while A-Rod is just a flaming homosexual that tried to bitch slap his way to first when he choked.

Heard you might not make alumni game. Say it ain't so... it's looking like we might hit 40 alums!!! Make it happen!!!

Oh, and the Mars team is going to be nuts this year, just wait...


XWL said...

You missed quoting all the great talk about The Octagon. How can you not love a Chuck Norris shout out?

(though it was just as likely a UFC shout out (but that's really a Chuck Norris shout out anyway, given that they came up with the 'octagon ring' gimmick from the film))

Regardless, you know you are going to watch the game tomorrow, even you Kobe haters.