Monday, May 22, 2006

I Need A Minute

I don't think I can do this game 7 thing least not if the first one goes to OT...

Hopefully, Dirk has largely shed the 'soft' label, as that and-1 at the end of regulation was definitely a "MARBLES!" play. And note that as soon as OT started, Dallas started attacking on offense, just as they stopped doing once San Antonio started their huge run in the third quarter (aided largely by Avery Johnson's refusal to make the obvious move and put Diop in the game to guard Duncan.) It seemed more like they were just trying to use possessions to get to the end of the game, rather than executing a coherent plan to keep scoring. But when they needed a bucket, Dirk simply decided that he was too big for a little (or a lot) Bruce Bowen hack to stop him. Now, let's go Suns for a stupendous WC Finals!

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Anonymous said...

some thoughts on Game 7:

First I'm happy for Cuban. He's the best owner in sports.

I wonder if the Mavs are now spent emotionally. It's hard to fathom that this was only a conference semi. There could be a letdown against the Suns.

Was it Ginobli that fouled Dirk for the game tying 3 point play with 20 ticks left? Huge, HUGE, mistake.

The talk of Dirk's newfound inside game rings premature in the same way that Kobe was a team player for a few games. I expect to see him revert to jump shots against the Suns.

Heat-Pistons prediction:
Heat in 6. Key for Miami will be officiating on Shaq and the play of Walker. Key for the Pistons will be getting Rip and Chauncy back in rhythm from the outside. Miami will have no answer for Sheed, and Wade will be unstoppable for Miami. Pistons win game 1 by 10 points.

Just Karl