Thursday, May 11, 2006

Quick Musical Shoutout

Since it is indeed 'music week' amongst places I routinely visit, (and it don't stop, cause you can't stop...), I thought I'd pass along a new taste from the Man Who Most Direly Needs to Front a Pearl Jam Cover Band - Gnarls Barkley:
Gnarls Barkley (a reference to irascible NBA great-turned-lovable TV bloviator Charles Barkley) isn't just a pop klepto's nod to ripping off one last piece of private property before going fully legit. It's his copyright-wars-era take on the pop notion that a bent identity is the only identity worth having—it's all free, so take it, content not included.
The "pop klepto" is none other than DJ Danger Mouse, the brains behind the at-times mindblowing "Grey Album", (the mash of Jay-Z's Black with the Beatles White) for which my praise has been consistent and effusive.

The album "St. Elsewhere," is the rare combination of music I dig and represents something that Represents Something I Like - the usage of new distribution channels to break down the traditional expolitive stranglehold oligopolists such as the RIAA have over art - see here:
The lead single, "Crazy," off their album St. Elsewhere, topped the British pop charts on Sunday, making history, as it became the first song to reach #1 solely off online sales.
Word. Check it out, says Pooh.

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