Saturday, January 28, 2006

Presidential Mad Libs

From the WaPo story about the lack of progress rebuilding N'Awlins:
Nearly five months after Hurricane Katrina swamped New Orleans, President Bush's lofty promises to rebuild the Gulf Coast have been frustrated by bureaucratic failures and competing priorities, a review of events since the hurricane shows.
Really, I think they have a Word Template that reads like this:
Nearly [X TIME] After [Y EVENT], President Bushes [Adjective] promises to [RESPOND TO Y] have been frustrated by [PICK TWO: bureaucratic failures; insufficient funding; lack of manpower; faulty intelligence; competing priorities], a review of events since [Y EVENT] shows.
For bonus points, the second paragraph might read
[Senior Administration Official A] admits that he/she has not read the governmentally produced report, but he/she strongly disagrees with it's conclusions. "We are on schedule. Our minions are doing a heckuva job. So far as you know. Ask me another question like that, and your press pass is gone."
The regularity of these stories proves one of two things: the media hates Booosh, or the administration is actually making promises it can't keep. I wonder what Friar Occam would think.

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