Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fine, I'll Make a Movie List

So, I was trying to put together a list of my favorite movies of 2005, and I realised how many of the films I wanted to see this year I just haven't seen. I could make a top 5 of that. So:

1. The Aristocrats - A movie that is completely made up of dirty jokes. And the kicker is, it's the same dirty joke every time. As the Guiness Guys might say...

2. Good Night and Good Luck - The McCarthy Era has always kinda fascinated me. As has B&W coolness. Plus it's just supposed to be good.

3. Walk the Line - But I might refuse. Some people refused to see it on ideological grounds. Joachin Phoenix as the Man in Black just ain't right, they say. 'They' might be right. [Update: As usual, I didn't let facts get in the way of a good story. The Tall Fella has indeed seen Walk the Line. I had him confused with another friend of ours who refused to see any Lord of the Rings movies on principle because his father used to read them as bedtime stories. To quote "No one protests Jordan-like...except...you know, Jordan." My bad.]

4. Hustle & Flow - A Hip-Hop movie my mom liked. Like the above, this could cut either way. Terrance Howard is in it though, so that helps.

5. Into the Blue - Jessica Alba. Bikini. Need I say more? Bound to be a TNT "New 'Classic'". I can't wait to hear Chucky's intro the first time they show it after "Inside the NBA".

Top 1 Movie I really have no desire to see - Brokeback Mountain. It's not that it's the 'gay cowboy movie'. It's that this has got to be, hands-down the biggest chick-flick since "Titanic." I'm sure mom will love it though. (I rest my case).

As for the top ten I did see in 2005:

1. Serenity - Just nifty. Summer Glau kicking ass = best fight scene of the year.

2. Murderball - Pantheon level sports movie, regardless of the 'human interest' element.

3. Syrianna - My review here.

4. Layer Cake - Here's what I said about it about a month ago:
A quality film. Takes some of the sensibility of Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and imposes a bit of narrative structure. So well crafted that you never notice the fact that the protagonist is lacking something vital until the last line of the movie.
5. Crash - Ludacris is phenomenal. Who knew?

6. Wedding Crashers - The 5th of Captain with the industrial-sized movie theatre Coke may have helped. Your mileage may vary.

7. Mr. & Mrs. Smith - Good, wicked fun. Brad and Angie have amazing on screen chemistry. Sorry Jen, you lose.

8. Batman Begins - Would be higher if not for the ludicrous Katie Holmes 'silver-shirt' scene.

9. Flightplan - Huge Jody Foster fan. Well done thriller. As with most, a few gaping plot wholes that you don't notice during, but only upon review. Law of economy of characters also provides obvious villain.

10. Kingdom of Heaven - If this had Russel Crowe instead of Legolas in the lead, would have been best film of the year. Loved the portrayal of Saladin.

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