Saturday, January 07, 2006

Of Minor Embarassment

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

A brilliant learner with a knack for almost everything, you choose to spend your efforts in the pursuit of travels that extend your own potential.

"Maybe I am sick of following rules and regulations!"

Well, the description makes it a little better. It could be worse, I could be Jar-Jar Binks or Fluffy the Ewok...

(H/T: RIA)


reader_iam said...

Instead, you're a cute young man with a big brain.

And at least the character with which you were matched was of the same gender.

Pooh said...

Dude. Yoda, gender, same sentance. NOT OK.

Slat Rat said...

Oooooh - Wesley Crusher!!!!!

But you'd make a cute Fluffy the Ewok!

XWL said...

Just call me, "Captain, My Captain".

(at least your fella has been an early and avid blogger)