Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Asshole of the Week: Fish or Cut Bait, Brett

Speaking of resignationretirement:

Though it is no surprise, Packers quarterback Brett Favre will have more time to decide his future.

Favre and the Packers agreed to push back the April 15 trigger date for his $3 million roster bonus in September, according to his agent, Bus Cook. The due date for Brett Favre's $3 million roster bonus -- originally scheduled last month -- has been moved to July 27, The Associated Press reported.
Nothing like the favorite son holding the team hostage to do...what, exactly. What does Brett want to happen? Does he want more money? Does he want better teammates? Does he want a piece of the franchise? What is taking so damn long dude?

Let me break it down for you: Your teammates already hated you, because you are 36 and they are 23 and you're the substitute teacher whenever you come in the locker room. It also doesn't help that every time you say "I can't take another season like last one," you're telling them that they aren't worthy of you.

Which might be fine, if they weren't worthy of you. But here's the dirty, big, not-so-secret - you suck at this point in your career. I'm not sure the Lions would have switched QB's with the Pack. And they had Joey Harrington and his piano (and football fans are much like metal fans in their opinions of pianos). You've been living on reputation and shout-outs from John Madden (another probably well past his sell-by date, I might add) for about 3 years. So yes, maybe your teammates are terrible, but that, rather precisely, makes them worthy of you at this point.

The sad thing is that your defenders claim that this is about the fans. Well, Fav-ruh, you're basically sticking it to those fans by hanging on and not letting the team move forward. You're taking up a huge cap number, they're not sure whether or not Aaron Rodgers can play, and most importantly, the team doesn't know whether to go for young talent, or make some desperate "getting the band back together" free agency moves.

In contrast, consider the Titans treatment of Steve McNair. 'Steve McNair is no Brett Favre!' you exclame. Well, first he was damn good for a long time. Second, he was about 1 foot away in Super Bowl 34. But (ir)regardless, the Titans determined that he can't play anymore and it's time to move on. Most players don't get the luxury of setting their own timetable. You do, Brett, and you're abusing the priviledge.

Oh yeah, and just in case you were sypathetic with the difficulty of this Important Life Decision (Hallmark Movie of the Week coming soon, to be sure):
This marks the fourth time the date has been delayed.
How do I put this delicately...shit or get off the pot, you prima donna.

Though, as a Vikings fan, I do hope he sticks around for as long as possible.


Fletch said...

It's not that the Titans decided McNair can't play anymore; they just decided that he can't play 23.4 million worth. Which is fair, I don't think any single NFL player is worth a quarter of the salary cap.

Anonymous said...

Dude, Vikings fan, wtf? The whole love boat thing win you over?


Mr Furious said...

Jim rome has been killing Favre over this, and deservedly so.

At this point, if I'm the Packers I'm not sure I can believe a guy really wants to play for me when he cannot make up his mind about it for seven months.

If Favre doesn't have the balls to make the decision, it's now past the point where the team should do it for him.


Pooh said...

Sorry Hums, the Pats were so bad for so long before I arrived in MN that I had no real interest in them...

How'd you end up here, anyway?

reader_iam said...

Refreshing! Lots o' Packers fans in this neck of the woods, and I think they're stuck on Favre just out of habit. Maybe the Packers know how much people seem to be attached to Favre, and therefore are thinking more "draw" than "play"?

(No, I'm not faithful football fan, but when you live with a fanatic, you do get a sense of things osmotically.)

Anonymous said...

I just remember a van ride back from some tournament (regionals, maybe?) where the pats-colts were on the radio. This is pre-Manning, maybe Jim Harbaugh was qb? I think the Pats pulled a close game out in the end (even though Peyton was choking in college or HS at the time, we can still pin this one on him). Anyway, I always thought you were Pats first, Vikings second. There's some irony that you ditched the Pats because they stunk, and chose the Vikings...

Anyway, while I'm here, you coming to nfield in May? There's just no subtitute for Basil's.


p.s. re: the whole Favre thing - Betty's family's take on this - they're going to suck either way, mostly because the front office has had so many royal screw-ups in the past few years. And you can't break up a great band like Milli Vanilli.