Monday, April 10, 2006

"Greatness" or Winning?

Interesting tidbit in Chris Broussard's ($) piece about 'Niques HOF induction:

As great as six-ringer Robert Horry's been in the clutch, I'd much rather have A.I.'s career -- or 'Nique's career -- than Horry's. I'd much rather have Vince Carter's career -- or Reggie Miller's -- than Steve Kerr's. I'd much rather have Charles Barkley's career than Kenny Smith's.
Really? I think I'll take the rings. As Herm Edwards says, you play to win the championship game.

Though if we're talking about Reggie vs. say Mitch Richmond, who essentially cheerled for the 2002 Lakers championship (played all of 4 minutes in the playoffs), then I think you probably leave the ring and take the Reggie.

But Big Shot Bob and Steve Kerr, earned those rings. Isn't that what it's all about?

Broussard then goes on to say

When I play in my little rec league games, I'll be honest: I want to get mine. I want to win, but I also want to do my thing. (A key is knowing who you are. When I'm playing with guys who are flat-out better than me I'm more than happy to play a less significant role. Two points, some hustle and a W is very satisfying when I'm playing with former big-time players who are on a different level than me). But I digress.
Apples, oranges.

For me, there are other dynamics in play: if there's nobody waiting, I'm trying to get mine. The longer the wait if I lose...As with everything, it's all about incentives, and the goal should be the ring, raising the banner, and dancing with Mark Madsen. Who needs more than that?

Incidentally, Doug Gottlieb was on Colin Cowherd's show this morning claiming that 'Nique is not a HOFer. Dougie, I've got a little something for you:


XWL said...

I'm clearly biased on the issue (life long Laker fan) but I think that Robert Horry when the time comes belongs in the HOF.

His regular season statistics don't merit induction, and even his post season statistics don't really merit induction (though he is the career leader in Finals 3pt shots taken and made (helps to have been to the finals 8 times in 13 seasons)).

Nevertheless, the defensive plays he's made, and the shots he's made at the times he has made them are the stuff of legend, and any Hall of Fame worthy of the name would contain such a player.

(and would contain 'Nique, too, it's just crazy talk to say that he doesn't belong)

Icepick said...

I went to lunch kind of late and caught the bit with Cowherd and Gottlieb. Gawd, how I hate agreeing with Cowherd on anything, but he was right on 'Nique.