Thursday, April 27, 2006

Grudging Admission

I cannot tell a lie, I enjoyed the Lakers victory last night. I enjoyed Kobe's leadership and willingness to step back and not have to be 'the man' on every possession (except when it was neccessary to teabag the reported MVP...see above.) I enjoyed Phil-Jax's strategic dominance and the way he took The Matrix out of the game by having Odom pound the ball down his throat all game.

And I'm not the only one to both feel this, and to feel conflicted by this. FSM help me, FSM help us all...

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DJ Ninja said...

Hey Pooh, you forgot to close the tag on the FSM site.

The FSM scares me, actually, because it looks a lot like these crazy Martian invaders from Volume II of Alan Moore's "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." And let me tell you, those f*ckers were pretty intelligent, although I do not recall that they were credited with creating Mars.