Saturday, April 15, 2006


Ron subjects himself to Victor Davis Hansen, might need therapy. A sample:
A third dead-end subject is Iran. The Bush administration is hardly hell-bent on preemption, unilateralism, and imperial grandeur in blocking Iran's rapid ascendance to nuclear status.
BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! When you got divorced from Reality, evidently she got the brain. This feeble apologist wants us to stop talking about Iran before we even get started. Because certainly, there's no reason to assume that the Bush administration would ever use preemptive war to justify an invasion, right? No reason to think that we would go it alone TO DESTROY WEAPONS THAT DON"T EXIST OR WON'T FOR AT LEAST HALF A DECADE, right? Can't happen here. Jesus. Now, I personally don't think we're going, but not because I believe in the ability of the Bush administration to have a rational response to Iran's provocations, but because we're kinda busy right now.

Iran is a dead subject. Hoo-boy.
Remember, Hansen is the guy who dismisses reitred generals critical of Rumsfeld with a Chappelle-like 'I'm VDH, bitch.' I mean what could an actual general know that a Reknowned, Serious, Historian doesn't? Alternatively, will no one rid us of these meddlesome generals?

In actuality, VDH's, uhm, pontifications these days often read like a Rob Corddry piece, only with bigger words and no studio audience...
John, John, John. The bullets are already in the man's face. Let's come together, as a people and get him a mask.
As I've said rather often, it's easy to avoid ever losing a policy debate by simply refusing to engage in one by attacking the motives of the critics.

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Ahistoricality said...

Repeated exposure to Hanson, like any VD, requires treatment....

The only person I know who's able to read him on a regular basis without lasting harm is Chris Bray...