Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Sawx Win! But, Ye Olde Towne Marketing Engine being what it is, we can't just win. Looking inside the boxscore we see:
J Beckett (W, 1-0)7.0711150109-751.29
M Timlin1.020010021-110.00
J Papelbon (S, 1)1.000002011-80.00

Note that it was a 2-1 game...3 games into the season, and Foulke has already lost his closers job. To which I say "good". He had nothing, nothing on opening day after having less than that last year. He was huge in the World Series run, but it may have killed his arm.

It's always a tough spot in sports (or in any endeavor, really) to draw the line between where you give someone the 'respect' that their contributions have 'earned' and this continued indulgence becomes harmful to the whole enterprise. But having a closer who can't, you know, close is nowhere near that line. Especially when you have a hoss like this:

waiting in the wings.

And of course the Sawx being the Sawx, the speculation will run rampant as to how this will affect Foulke's confidence or the Bosmos team chemistry, or the player's faith in Francona (Watch this space [free reg req] for the inevitable Shaughnessy column on one or more of said topics.) That being said, the Sox cognescenti at SOSH unleased a collective combination of "duh" and "well done Tito" at the move.

Oh yeah, MFY's lose, A-Fraud K's with man on 2nd, 1 out in the 8th with the score tied at 4. The data points continue to mount...

Update 4/6/06: That didn't take long. I ask, CHB delivers.

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mortnut said...

You run a tough room, kiddo, though your analysis is, as usual, right on.