Monday, April 10, 2006

A Whimsical Response

XWL posits that PYT's impose a Liberalizing pressure on today's Conservative opionators. To which the natural response is "Why do Hot Young Cuties hate America?"

Kim Bauer probably gets a break for being Canadian, right?


XWL said...

I do differentiate 'Free Range' Hot Young Cuties from the 'Already Locked Up' Hot Young Cuties.

There are plenty of America Loving Hot Young Cuties, but they are more likely to be engaged/married/in a committed long term relationship.

I stand by my assertion that the dirth of conservative 'Free Range' Hot Young Cuties effects the minds of pundits looking for such diversions that those Hot Young Cuties provide.

Pooh said...

You're a market kinda guy, explain this dearth of free range hotness to me.