Thursday, April 13, 2006


For whatever reason, it seems my best thoughts (stop that laughing) are reserved for other people's comment threads. I need to save some for me, damnit.


bill said...

Use the comments space as a sketch pad. Then plagiarize yourself to create a post. Linking back is optional.

XWL said...

What he said (speaking of Bill).

And as an example, here's my post on the subject.

Another thing to do is summarize the post you link, just in case people don't feel like falling for your attempt at self-promotion.

(I disagree with Bill on one thing, Linking back is MANDATORY)

(also, when plagiarizing yourself, make sure the object you use has no sharp edges, and has a flared base)

slickdpdx said...

You can always sharpen your arguments best when you are making them in a discussion not a monologue. Then you can change it into a post (and fix the inevitable spelling errors - maybe that's just me)! I'm too lazy to do that very often.

Also, I feel like more people read and respond to a comment on a hot thread than a post on a cool blog. I want to read as many people as possible who disagree (and why they do) or who agree and have other arguments I might not have been aware of.