Monday, April 03, 2006


I'm here to tell you, the Poker Boom has officially jumped the shark. When an episode of Lostboom is based on a game of NL Hold 'Em for Mango stakes, it's over. It appears I got out when the getting was good.

(BTW, Pooh's Theorem of Lost continues to hold: last two episodes, Sun & Jin; Locke. Booya.)

As for the Wing...NOOOOOOO. Josh and Donna campaign fling? Boo. Plus, Worst. Cliffhanger. Ever, considering that the actor himself is you know, dead.


bill said...

Josh and Donna is just wrong. I always felt the Josh and Marlee Matlin had the best unrequited relationship. Though Mary-Louise Parker was very fun.

Personally, I was hoping the show would've insinuated that Chenoweth had killed Leo in an election day tryst, but that would have required the show to have a sense of humor

Fletch said...

Josh and Donna is so right. They just took the cheap way out. They should have been the cliff-hanger, not already-dead-Leo-dying.

As for poker, watch out, apparently dominoes are making their way onto ESPN 2 this summer. Bones!