Friday, April 14, 2006

BMF: Not Random at All

Because I'm reading Klosterman's Fargo Rock City (thanks for the reco, Big Willy) I'm in the mood to make my own lists damnit. SOO, here's what I'm choosing to listen to this week. Because the IPod does not own me...

1. "C'Mon C'mon" - The Von Bondies. And now the opening bassline will be stuck in my head all day. Not that that's a bad thing. Great, great theme song to the best show ever about a PTSD-suffering, alcholic fireman who sees Jesus and his dead friends while making out with his dead friend's wife. (And yes, I really do like the show alot, but a good percentage of that is how perfectly the song captures the feel of the show.)

2. "I Can't Be Satisfied" - Muddy Waters. The "Hard Again" version. I recently saw a local guy do a pretty rollicking pedal steel version of this one, so I went back to the original. Yup. Still good.

3. "Paradise City" - Guns 'n' Roses. Partly inspired by the aforementioned Fargo Rock City (in which Klosterman names "Apetite For Destruction" the best album of the 80's, to which I say "duh.") The whistle at the end of the intro basically says 'fun times are over, time to rawk.'

4. "Gear Jammer" - George Thorogood. Badass.

5. "Travelling Riverside Blues" - Led Zeppelin. I dare you to find me a better incarnation of skanked up blues-rock.

6. "Bubblegoose" - Wyclef ft. South Park. This is actually a good song. And then Cartman starts rapping. Let's just say my college friends HATED this song because I played it so much in about 1998.

7. "Take it to Da House" - Trick Daddy. Perhaps the worst video ever made. (No. More. Strobe. Lights. please...and seriously, what's cool about 5'7" rappers 'dunking' on rims which are obviously 8' or lower?)

8. "The Sweetest Thing" - U2. Not even close to my favorite U2 Song, but something just put me in the mood for a slightly goofy loveish song.

9. "Folsom Prison" - Johnny Cash. I admit, have been listening the the Live from Fulsom album probably every other day since watching "Walk the Line" (which intially disappointed me. It's grown on me by inspiring me to listen to more Cash.)

10. "Encore/Numb" - Jay-Z vs. Linkin' Park. I know, commercial mash-up sellout, and the balance of the EP is pretty crap. But, but, but I love this song and I'm not ashamed to admit it. (Well, maybe a little...)


Frankie said...

I love Rescue Me. Such a good show!

DJ Ninja said...

For no reason other than random association, I also recommend "C'mon, C'mon" by Mary Chapin Carpenter, though perhaps you'll hate it.