Friday, April 07, 2006

Big MusicFriday: What Up, Dawg?

1. "Laugh to Keep From Cryin'" - R.L. Burnside. A more accoustic and less grimy sound than usual from the esteemed R.L. 8/10.

2. "Solvejg's Song" - Duke Ellington. From the "Three Suites" album where Duke takes on Peer Gynt, among others. Not my favorite piece, but it's fun to here 'classical' music played in that almost sloppy, 'jazzy' style. 5/10.

3. "On & On" - Erykah Badu. I think I've moved away from the period in my life when I really enjoyed hip hop soul. But a nice groove nonetheless. 5/10.

4. "Left Hand Suzuki Method" - Gorillaz. HUGE "Electric Mud" sample here that I never noticed before. Beyond that, who doesn't like giant cartoon apes? 7/10.

5. "There Was a Time (I Got to Move)" - James Brown. HEEEEEEEEY! James Brown would have delivered the best opening and closing arguments ever had he been a lawyer. "Jury, are you with me? HEH!" 8/10.

6. "What More Can I Say (Grey Version)" - Jay-Z Ft. DJ Danger Mouse. I'm on record as saying this album is about the best argument there is for an expanded definition of fair use in IP. 8/10.

7. "Patriot Game" - The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. Irish Civil War anthem. Pretty sure this is the first band I ever saw in concer (for whatever reason, my parents were huge fans, and they came to the 'Burg about every 9 months or so.) 7/10.

8. "Getchoo" - Weezer. Never was big fan of "Pinkerton" but this is a quality track. 5/10.

9. "Fell in Love With a Girl" - White Stripes. I like the Joss Stone version better. But hey, it's the Stripes, so it can't be all bad, right? 5/10.

10. "Give it Up" - ZZ Top. Ok, ok, I give (it up), that's the end of this week's ten. (And the end of horrid puns for this post). 6/10.

6.4. Not the best, but not the worst from you, little White Hardrive that could.

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