Wednesday, April 26, 2006

2 Nuggets, 1 About the Nuggets

First, some red meat for my man. Simmons chat on the Worldwide Leader:
Matt (Baltimore): Snakes on a Plane, Bill! You haven't given your thoughts yet on this phenomenon. What do you think?

Bill Simmons: My thoughts ... sheer delight ... overwhelming anticipation ... utter happiness ...

And speaking of Snakes! On The Court! Earlier, in the same chat:
Jason (Santa Monica): bill, are the clippers really that much better than the nuggets? should they re-sign sam cassell?

Bill Simmons: Yeah, they're that much better. The Nuggets stink. Any playoff team that has Earl Boykins playing more than 10 minutes stinks in my opinion. Plus, take out Carmelo and they're useless. They were even getting every call from the second quarter on in Game 2 (just a classic one-sided performance by Joey Crawford) and couldn't even come within 10. And now they have the whole Kenyon Martin fallout happening. They stink. Seriously, how far did you expect a team with three Cincinnati alums to go?

Well, since you got me started on the most overrated player in the NBA (or at least 1st team, along with Starbury, Baron Davis, AL Harrington and Zach Randolph.)

One of Pooh's Immutable Laws is that though dost not bitch about playing time during the playoffs. Violation of said law at the very least gets you put on permanent Pooh probation. Martin gets well more than the mandatory minimum. In fact, he's lucky that I had already decided on the AHW before I heard this news...

Even if I didn't think he was a posturing prick to begin with. And he didn't play for Cincy, post Nicky the Gangster he'd still be in trouble. But I guess I'm saying that K-Mart [a fitting nickname, since he is the bargain basement Amare Stoudamire] already had two strikes on him. So even though this occured in the first round, during a series that wasn't going more than 5 games under any circumstances anyway, several aggrevating factors are present. Which puts him on the same plane as the exceedinly mortal Vinny Askew, whose crime was made worse by the fact that his moaning occured during the NBA Finals.

But hey, you'll be able to get plenty of tee times, enjoy the summer there bud.


XWL said...

First, that fake SoaP poster is almost indistinguishable from a professional ad.

Second, Clippers, NBA CHAMPIONS!

(if they get past the Lakers, that is, the all-LA Western Conference Semis will be awesome)

DJ Ninja said...

This makes me so sad. Pooh, am I wrong for loving Ken-yahn? I totally got on the bandwagon with the Nets a couple of years ago--although, admittedly, it's Kidd's Nets jersey that I have in my closet and not Martin's--and really thought he was fantastic. Was it just Kidd all along, pulling his strings?