Thursday, March 16, 2006

Thursday Afternoon Preview

7 PM

UNCW vs. GW: If you played college ultimate in the mid to late 90's you know you have to hate Wilmington. My rationality about this game is thus suspect. Go GW. GO Pops...

Iona vs. LSU: Supposedly, the smart Vegas money is on Iona for this game. Not sure if that means anything. Look for Tyrus Thomas to have at least 2 simply silly athletic plays.

Xavier vs. Gonzaga: The Official Deacon of The Church of the 'Stache has concerns...Gonzaga hasn;t played anyone in months and the games have still be close.

Air Force vs. Illinois: Largest margin of any first round game not involving a #1 seed.

9PM est games:

San Diego St. vs. Indiana: Mike Davis's last game. You heard it here first. And I'll be glad to hear the last of it as well.

Duke vs. Southern: If Southern fans think Avery Johnson is going to walk through that door...

'Cuse vs. Texas A&M: I feel very strongly that Syracuse will lose this game, badly.

Washington vs. Utah St.: Washington is my sleeper squad. That usually dooms a team to a first round loss.


Fletch said...

Washington, really? May your bracket stay un-busted. Unless it conflicts with mine, in which case the U-dub loses big in the first round.

PS-I hope that you're not Tivoing all of these.

Slat Rat said...

Man - I sweated bullets over the Syracuse/A&M pick and at the last minute changed to Syracuse. Grrr....

I also picked San Diego State over Indiana - you know how I feel about Mike Davis.

And who would have ever picked Montana over Nevada?

Not a great first day for the Slat Rat. After sitting in first after the morning and afternoon games, I plummeted to 8th after the late games. ugh...