Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Karnak (RIAA Edition)

Peer-to-peer CD swapping? That's a great idea!

The CD trading community still in private beta has much in common with DVD trading site Peerflix. On la la, you can trade any CD you have for any CD you want that’s available in members’ collections for only $1 plus postage. Like Peerflix, la la offers mailers to members to keep postage costs low and blows away in making it easy to list and find CDs with an impressive search engine and catalog. I was able to enter the names of 80 of my CDs 10 minutes into trying the beta.

Who could possibly have a problem with this? Nobody sensible. Of course, that leaves the Auld Enemy
In any case, we’ve certainly heard about companies that facilitate trading music before getting into trouble. Is la la painting a target on its back for the RIAA? I’ll discuss the legal and industry implications of la la in next week’s column.
Cue RIAA: "All your discs are belong to us"


Mr Furious said...

So did you hear that the Beatles (what's left of them) or at least the phalanx of lawyers they have on retainer, are suing apple for the use of the apple logo in a music-related venue?

The Beatles old record label was Apple Records, and had a little green apple as the logo, IIRC.

I guess years ago, apple settled with the Beatles to use the apple logo for its computers, etc. so long as they never used it for a music related product or service. Obviously that has changed...

NPR was expecting apple to have to settle for a hefty licensing agreement. Sounds kind of ridiculous to me...

Icepick said...

"All your discs are belong to us"

HA! That's perfect!

Just remember, Pooh, that every dumb thing they do just brings them one step closer to going out of business. They're shooting themselves in the head and awful lot, and eventually they will hit that little piece of gray matter. It's only a matter of time!