Friday, March 31, 2006

Big Music Friday: The Return

In honor of RIA's Return (both of them. I'm leaving the duplicates up), several of the regular features of WAPtm will also return. Go Blues! Go Asshole of the Week! (Keep 'homaging' in the comments, 'Pick, and you just might win!) And for now, Go IPod!

1. "609 Boogie" - John Lee Hooker. JLH vs. stride piano = awesome 9/10.

2. "House of the Rising Sun" - Doc Watson. Something is quite wrong and yet quite right about a country boy like Doc singing about a whorehouse in NOLA. 7/10.

3. "Poor Rambler" - Ralph Stanley. Fiddle me this, would I have ever started listening to bluegrass if not for the Coen brothers? 5/10.

4. "The Way U Make Me Feel" - Black Eyed Peas. Pre-Fergie, so it doesn't get the instant coolness edit. This album is not as good as I remember it from the first time I heard it. 4/10.

5. "Highway to Hell (Live)" - AC/DC. Brn-ner-ner, Brn-ner-ner-ner, Brn-ner-ner-ner, Ber-Ber-ner. BumpBumpBumpBumpBump... "I'mona HIGHWAY TO HELL." Sorry that got me going a little. 10/10.

6. "My Sharona" - The Knack. When this song came on, my neighbor at work got up and started dancing. Reality does indeed Bite at times. 7/10.

7. "Greystone Chapel" - Johnny Cash. Nothing like a good sing-a-long at a prison. Is it me or has Cash been devalued a bit by "Everywhere Man" being played every 30 minutes as part of those stupid commercials, much like Bob Seger and those Chevy Truck spots? 6/10.

8. "X" - Xzibit. Before Rides were Pimped and collars where popped, X was the latest in a long, long long line of nondescript one-hit hip-hop wonders. (Stand up, Skee-lo, Mystikal, Petey Pablo (RAISE UP), and so on) 5/10.

9. "Calm Like a Bomb (LIVE)" - Rage Against the Machine. Having this song over the closing credits of Matrix Reloaded probably went a ways towards insuring my inflated view of said film. Watchasaywhat? 9/10.

10. "Runaway" - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Yes, yes, this song has appeared here before, but MFGG always makes the mo' better 'mo better. 7/10.

Average= 6.9 dude. Well played, little white hard drive!

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reader_iam said...

I look forward to enjoying these features again.

And I am very grateful indeed that I got to see John Lee Hooker live once. That concert still stands out in memory, two decades or so later.