Friday, March 03, 2006

Big Music Friday

The wheels on the busiPod go round and round...


1. "Born With a Broken Heart" - Kenny Wayne Shephard. No manner how hard you wish it were so, you are no SRV, KWS. That being said, solid song with a deep, crunchy hook. 7/10.

2. "Let It Go" - Def Leppard. Perhaps the Jekyl and Hyde band of the 80's. From track to track, wild swings between kick-arse butt-rock and just plain ass are the norm. Sadly, this one falls into the second category, with bonus penalty points for trying to sound like AC/DC and failing miserably. 2/10

3. "Reunion in Heaven" Carl Story and the Rambling Mountaineers. It's sad, but it's hard for me to hear early bluegrass without also hearing modern parody of early bluegrass. Damn you, Christopher Guest. 5/10.

4. "Kite (Live Elevation Tour in San Jose)" - U2. Somehow, I have managed to go through life without seeing these guys live. I'm a traveshamockery of a music fan sometimes. Berglefliggle. 9/10.

5. "White House Blues" - Charlie Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers. Heh. Sometimes the shuffle gets good to you. Unlike #3 aboce, I think this might actually be a parody even though it is legit bluegrass. Some mighty fine pickin' and a'singing... 6/10.

6. "Couldn't Get It Right" - Climax Blues Band. If this band was a little bit better known today, there might be a fever for this song, and the only cure might be more cowbell. Just saying. 8/10.
7. "Groove Holmes" - Beastie Boys. Remember when eveyone thought these guys were untalented jackasses (and if you read "Def Jam, Inc." there's more than a grain of truth to that, anyway)? Their anthology of instruments, "In Sound From Way Out" is one of my favorite albums. One way to Carnegie Hall folks, practice, practice, practice. 8/10

8. "At the Zoo" - Simon & Garfunkel. Never the biggest S&G fan, but if the gf was going to spend the night in your dorm room back in the day you needed something to put on repeat, right? And better S&G then the Cranberries or Verve Pipe or some mess like that. 4/10.

9. "Posters" - Jack Johnson. "Brushfire Fairytales" is another of my faves. 7/10.

10. "Darling Be Home Soon" - Joe Cocker. This song is kinda crap, actually, but it's Joe Freakin' Cocker singing, so it could be "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and it would be compelling. 7/10.

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Mr Furious said...

Joe Cocker is a concert worth catching. If he still tours...