Friday, March 17, 2006

Suck (NCAA day 2 morning edition)

There is nothing worse then having to listen to the end of close of NCAA games by getting the play-by-play over the phone from someone watching at an airport. Not that the Northwester St.-Iowa game would have been fun to watch, or the fact that I'm dying that Arkansas is going to lose lost to Bucknell in a close one...Actually, yes, yes I am considering that Arkansas was my money-making pick in the pool I care about.

Also, here's what I have to say to all the Haters today...
You're team is next. If they make it that far.

Seriously, I can take some Duke related hatred, but from Kentucky or UNC fans? Puh-lease. I mean, I'm sorry that Laettner beat "The Unforgetables" (actually, no I'm not. A running, no look bank shot from straight on is not a deserving game winner), but the reason your team was scrappy and not talented that year was because your assistant coaches were mailing Fedex boxes of cash to recruits.

And having lived through the end of the Dean Smith Era, no Tar Heel blue wearer should ever, ever have the right to call out another team or its coach for being smug, superior, condescending or manipulative of refs. But hey, Roy Williams isn't any of those things...Can't wait for this years Good Cry.

That is all.

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XWL said...

More Duke related hate crimes (from an economist instead of lawyers.

Don't the Federal Laws encompassing hate crimes make that sort of Duke (playa) hating criminal?