Tuesday, March 07, 2006

PoohsDay Blues: Jukejoint Jukebox

1. "It's All Over Now" - Bobby Womack. Blues cover of the Stones hit. The thing is, the Stones version still has more soul than an out and out blues cover. 6/10.

2. "Coahoma" - Corey Harris. Harris does an interesting mix of very traditional accoustic blues, and very experimental Afro-Blues fusion. This one is just a nice little blues stomp. 8/10.

3. "Blow Wind Blow" - Muddy & The Wolf. You might think the stage wouldn't be big enough for the two of them, but I sure wish I could have seen it. 8/10

4. "Freight Train" - Taj Mahal. Much like Harris, Taj can be pretty experimental. This track is almost more Carribean rhythm then American Blues. 7/10.

5. "Travellin' Life" - Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials. Fabulous live band. Lil' Ed is about 5'2" with about 4'6" of that being his enormous eyeballs (he pulls a great blues face...) Really works the crowd well. 7/10.

6. "Trouble in Mind" - Amous Milbourne. Little slow dance number. Never Pooh's favorites (but then Blues clubs have generally been Boy's nights, rather than dates. Worth mentioning). 5/10.

7. "Farther Up the Road" - Bobby "Blue" Bland. Clapton definitely whited this one up a bit in his rendition. Sometimes you just have to get back to the source. 6/10.

8. "Kansas City" - Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater. Another Chicago blues institution. I don't think he does the full feather-headdress schtick anymore, but still good times. 7/10.

9. "Highway Blues" - Savoy Brown. This song sounds almost Zeppelinish. Never a bad thing. 7/10.

10. "Texas Flood (Live at Montreux)" - SRV. Stevie/10, as always.

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