Friday, December 16, 2005

Why Texas is More Likely to Play "One Shining Moment" than Duke

Seems ridiculous right? Duke wins by 30, but I think Texas will do better in March. Well here's why. I can already see the game Duke loses, either in the Sweet 16 or the Elite 8. They're playing a team with two big guys who can score and an athletic backcourt. Sheldon Williams is in foul trouble. JJ Redick is getting face guarded by a 6'7 guy who can run and jump.

The final stat sheet will include Williams having 20 and 15 (plus 5 fouls) in 24 minutes

JJ will shoot 4-15, with 7 whiny faces made.

Paulus will pull a Wojo-double, 14 floor-slaps, 12 shots of hot-girlfriend in the stands and an astounding 24 group hugs at the FT line.

Meanwhile, Texas has the aforementioned 2 big dudes who can score (Aldridge and Tucker), and though their guards were AWFUL against Duke, the have the athleticism to not suck by March (Daniel Gipson was supposed to be good, he might still be, though getting tooled by The Great Paulus and Wayne Turner-reincarnate Sean Dockery certainly isn't a good sign.)

Just saying.

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