Sunday, December 04, 2005

There Must Be Something in That Durham Water

Despite doing everything possible to blow a ten-point lead in the last four minutes. Duke managed to win with a miracle shot at the buzzer. Again. Nobody does this kinda stuff more often. Probably becuase nobody handles winning with as much class as Coach K. Instead of jumping up and down like an idiot, (looking at you, asst. Coach Collins...) he immediately goes to commiserate with and congratulate the Va. Tech kids, who played out of their heads and probably deserved to win. As someone once said, "act like you've been there before." Of course, it's easier when you have been there many times before.

(Yes, I know it's nearly required to hate Duke. But I came by my honorary Cameron Crazy status honestly. Going to high school with a school's all-time leading 3-pt shooter [soon to be #2, damn you J.J. Reddick] can do that.)

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reader_iam said...

Pooh: You're college basketball fan?

A basketball fan in general, even pro?

Someday, I'll have share something with you (of the 1 degree of separation type).

My Christmas package tease to you ...