Thursday, December 22, 2005

NOBODY Expects the Secularist Inquisition

Sometimes, certain people just start to bore me. The makers of NutraSciencetm, tossing a nutty:
"This decision is a poster child for a half-century secularist reign of terror that's coming to a rapid end with Justice Roberts and soon-to-be Justice Alito," said Richard Land, who is president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and is a political ally of White House adviser Karl Rove. "This was an extremely injudicious judge who went way, way beyond his boundaries -- if he had any eyes on advancing up the judicial ladder, he just sawed off the bottom rung."
Yes, we know. And a tornado will wipe Dover from the map. On the other hand, I am 90% certain that the NSA is reading Judge Jones's email as we speak. Because as everyone knows, if you oppose ID, the terrorists win.

Update: (via John Cole): A federal prosecutor is looking into bringing perjury charges against certain defense witnesses:
U.S. Middle District Attorney Thomas A. Marino said yesterday that decision will take time because there is "a lot of reading to do" to determine if the statements rise to the level of a crime.

"I want to question a couple of people who were present," he said. They will not include Judge John E. Jones III, who presided over the case, he said.
And to complete my overwhelming schadenfreude about the whole thing:
Witold Walczak, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union, which represented parents opposed to the policy, said any decision to bring perjury charges would be made by the prosecutor's office.
That sounds like the ACLU is saying "sorry guys, you're on your own".

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