Monday, December 12, 2005

Cory Maye, Cont.

I mentioned this earlier, and I get more and more angry as I think about it longer. It just combines the worst aspects of so many mistaken policies: The "war" on drugs; the erosion of civil liberties in exchange for the illusion of security; the thought that racism in America is dead; the arbitrary and irrational sentancing system.

So I'm going to keep talking about it. If it bores you, too bad.

Anyway Battlepanda has a roundup of who's blogging about this story, and of course The Agitator is all over it. Obsidian Wings has thoughts as well.

At this point, from several thousand miles away, it looks like the prosecution has gone into full on CYA mode. Allegations of a seperate warrant for Maye's residence, 'trace' amounts of pot (as if one joint justifies full breach from a SWAT team at 2 AM), and, most incredibly, that there is no record as to the identity of the CI who gave the initial tip. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but at this point its difficult to see anything other than massive, systemic incompetence, or a cover-up, or both.

If I get a chance this week, I'm going to look into MS. search warrant law to see what if I can make any sense whether this is a problem of application, or the underlying law itself. Also, if I come up with any sort of defense fund donation campaign, will pass it along.

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