Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why the Knicks Should Trade for Ron Artest

Overheard in a discussion about whether the Knicks should trade Channing Frye and pieces for Artest:

If you aren't a contender, I'd absolutely trade for him. What do you care if he kills all his teammates? They weren't getting the job done, and presumably it would free up some salary [cap] space.

Hard to argue with that logic.


Kierkegaard Lives said...

I was watching the Heat-Sixers game last night and they mentioned the possibility of Miami making a move for Artest. Not sure what they'd give up for him, but the gist of the comments were that both Shaq and 'Zo said they'd welcome someone with Artest's talents and that they wouldn't have the problems Indy had because Shaq and 'Zo would "make sure" he didn't pull any sh*t in Miami.

If I'm Miami I'm not sure if I want to risk upsetting the cart; they seem to be gelling a bit right now and playing pretty good ball. On the other hand, though, Artest would bring some solid defense and toughness that they likely will need in the playoffs. Still not sure who they could give Indy for him, though.

I was only watching to see how Korver played anyway, mostly. He's an alum of Creighton in Omaha, as am I.

Kierkegaard Lives said...

... and you might find this (tangentially related to the Artest trade story) ... amusing.

Pooh said...

Ron-Ron, crazy like a fox. He's got a point in that Cookie gave magic 3rd, 4th, 5th and 21st chances...

And I can't believe I have a link to PJM on my site now :(

Kierkegaard Lives said...

... sorry. I just thought the comments by Artest were kind of funny. I should have just quoted them. Forgive me?

Pooh said...

No worries. The whole PJM saga is something of a comedy of errors of which has amused me...(I'm thinking of writing "A Brief History of Pajamas Media: 7 Easy steps to Avoid in Starting Business")

As for Artest, I think he got screwed by the league last year, and if I were a contender, I'd think about trading for him, though what the Heat have to offer, I don't know.