Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Maye: Any publicity is good publicity.

First of all, Radley has posted an updated summary of the facts (combined with some well founded speculation, which he clearly identitifes as such.) The blogosphere being what it is, commenters are already (understandably) indentifying errors in some of the early reports, so it's important to stay on top of the facts as they become clearer.

Next, traditional media sources seem to be nibbling at the story: CBS news blog has a piece, and Balko has been "commissioned to write an op-ed on the case by what we'll call for now a national newspaper". I imagine it will compare the fanfare surrounding the late Tookie Williams to this matter.

Finally, Maye's current counsel has this to say to Balko:

Certainly am interested in anything that could be helpful to Cory's case. Particularly would not be averse to talking with other interested lawyers who not only are willing but are CAPABLE of helping with the appeal and, hopefully, the retrial. Sentiment alone, while appreciated, is not helpful from a legal standpoint.

Defense funding would also be extremely helpful. Cory's family, while obviously very concerned about him, are not financially able to obtain all the things that would be helpful in litigating his appeal. And while an indigent can, at the pretrial level, request the court's financial assistance in obtaining things such as expert testimony (re: pathologist to discuss bullet path thru body and reasons that path does not jibe with Cory's statement) and investigative help (for ex. to establish whether anyone else in the surrounding subdivision heard any of the cops announcing before entering), such assistance is not generally available at the appellate level where we now are. If others want to assist Cory in this manner, that would be fantastic.

Although being a cause celebre didn't prevent Tookie's execution this morning in California, he was undeniably guilty. Cory is not.

Let me know your suggestions about establishing a defense fund. Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated.

As of yet, I have not seen anything regarding such a fund, but if I do, I'll post it.

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