Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Day Not Well-Begun

I am the world's worst morning person. I've actually been clinically diagnosed as such. Well, maybe not the worst, but a few months back, I visited a noted sleep therapy center. After an examination, they described my condition in three, massively polysyllabic words (which unfortunately, I didn't write down). When my blank stare did not abate, the doctor reassured me: "basically, that just means you're not a morning person." Thanks doc, $500 well spent (well, actually $25 of my dollars. The good old days of student insurance...) In retrospect, I should have gotten a doctor's note, so that when I'm late for work (and it is most certainly a 'when' and not an 'if'), I can show it to my boss. And then I don't have to go outside at recess with the other kids either.

This morning was special. When I turned on the shower, the entire apparatus emmitted a keening wail. I thought Moaning Myrtle might be stopping by for a chat. In addition to this, the water was almost literally boiling. Persons who live in cold climates may be used to having pipes freeze, or the hot water run out. But this morning, there was no cold water in my building. Not a drop. Needless to say, a boiling shower is not a refreshing start to the day (especially when coupled with the extreme cold of an Anchorage apartment in the morning.) I'm reasonably certain I showed up at work looking like something from one of the old Selsun Blue commercials as I couldn't fully rinse withou getting 2nd degree scalp burns.

So, if I seemed a little tetchy today, I had good reasons.

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Kaiser said...

And you wonder why I make igloo jokes.