Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I'm Annoyed...

Since I started blogging about non-trivial things a few months ago, it's been a largely positive experience. Today was, to some degree, the first instance of "Bad Times" I've had. Not to put too fine a point on it, I got sucked in by a troll. Commenting on this post at Althouse, concerning a case recently argued in front of SCOTUS. (The case concerned the Salomon Amendment, which conditions funding to universities on law schools allowing military recruiters access to on-campus interviewing. To my mind, an interesting but not doctrinealy difficult application of Congress's spending power. It's also a stupid law, as it's based on upholding the worst-of-all-worlds "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. But stupid does not neccesarily equal unconstitutional, but I digress.)

Unsurprisingly, the issue involving gay rights, the discussion became heated. Unfortunately, my particular antagonist's first few points had seemed (nay, had been) reasonable. So I attempted to engage in rational debate well beyond the time at which it should have been obvious that such debate was not to happen. And then just as I decided I was done with the discussion, I get called out as a right-wing, homophobic bigot. Now, any regular reader of this blog knows the first charge is baseless, so I shrugged it off. But the 'bigot' bit cheesed me off. Anyone who knows me knows taht I'm never one to back down from verbal fisticuffs (and have probablycertainly incited a few brawls myself...) However, I tried to restrain myself perhaps because of this discussion at Cathy Young's place, and also because this was simply a no-win situation.

After calming down a bit (thanks Frankie), I realised that even today has been a 'net positive, if you'll pardon the pun. My personal interactions with other bloggers have been almost universally good, today being no exception. So what is one lemon?


Kierkegaard Lives said...

Wait a second. You're not a right-wing homophobic bigot? Well, if I'd known that then I never would have been so friendly in the first place.

Just kidding.

Hang in there. Perhaps nobody told [you] there'd be days like that?

Frankie said...

Anything for my favorite arctic chill!

reader_iam said...

Pooh, I'm sorry you got roughed up. It's a small consolation, no doubt, but I think most people reading that comment thread could see who was overreacing (hint: not you).

: (

(And thanks for the nice reference to me [and the link]. I like interacting with you, too.)

XWL said...

I'm always fascinated by the dynamic of posting over at Althouse's blog.

The Iraq war, and anything about gay rights (or lack thereof) are sure bait for scores of comments that generate lots of heat and little light.

There are bomb throwers on both sides (occaisonally, even I might toss a cherry bomb into a comment thread, never a full blown fragment grenade like some people I could mention).

I tried the 'I should set the record straight cause my position is getting totally twisted - game' but it's no win. Those most infected with last word-ism will 'win' that exchange every time.

I just figure reasonable minds can disagree, and I submit my posts to the 'reasonable reader' test. If someone not looking to twist what I said can figure out what I meant, then I don't take the bait, if a flaw in what I said was pointed out, or a train of thought muddled, then I'll clarify.

(or I'll just throw in a short joke at the expense of someone who is acting disagreeable just cause it's so much fun)

But, keep on keeping on (not that there was ever any doubt).

PoohMom said...

Gee, I like the "How not to Go Ballistic" piece (or whatever its actual title was). It makes sense. It doesn't say a person has to accept another's judgment, just that it might be worthwhile to consider the substance of the judgment in a calm light in the quest for self-improvement.

Still, it's no fun being called names, and labeling someone is a cowardly way to exit an argument. It shows the person has run out of ammunition. Sorry you were the target, kid.

Pooh said...

And welcome to my mother! This is funny, because it's usually me telling her to let things go...