Wednesday, December 07, 2005

BosMos Update

Loretta for Mirabelli? Like it, though it does give us two possible 'roid tainted infielders (Lowell being the other. I don't know anything about Loretta, but the "Huge '04 followed by terrible/injury riddled '05" is a red flag in my (and many other) book) Always worrisome. Not really losing a lot with Mirabelli. He's a nice enough player, but its put up or shut up time for Kelly Shoppach, and he's cheaper.

Next, there is the rumor that Renteria might be getting dealt. At 3 years and $30 mil left, I'm fine with that, thought makes we wish we still had Hanley Ramirez a little.

Finally, somebody is a free agent. Time heals all wounds...(well, maybe not for Simmons. I'm just tossing it out there...

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mortnut said...

So, san Mirabelli, how many dents do you think Wakes missed knucklers will be putting in the screen behind home plate? Oh, that's right, it is not thrown hard enough to break a glass! But you'll be seeing passed balls in your sleep.