Monday, December 19, 2005

A Sign of the Times.

I literally cannot tell whether this is parody or not:
Bush needs the authority to do whatever is necessary to protect America. Bush, alone, has the knowledge and judgement to know what is necessary. Surely, the same Constitution, which gives him the sacred responsibility to protect America, gives him the authority to do whatever he judges to be necessary to that object, because, after all, the Constitution is not a suicide pact.
Hold me.

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reader_iam said...


Fear not: It's a parody. With deep trepidation and a deep breath, I clicked on the "WWW" next to Wilder's name and ended on his website, which makes clear his intended sarcasm.


(But only a small one, because by golly, I actually know a person or two whose heads would be vigorously nodding at the sentiment, if read as serious, expressed in Wilder's comment.)

Feel better now?

Word verif: usbcoa--does this mean that Alcoa's involved in making those metallic-looking thingies related to USB ports?

(Sorry for the Quxxo: couldn't resist.)